Good Morning Sunrise

10 April 1979
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Characters backstory:

Everyone expected Susan to follow her aunt's example and go into politics after she left school. She wanted none of the same notoriety, however, and decided to become a writer, instead. She writes a small-time column for a local newspaper while working on bigger fish in her spare time. She has plenty of money left to her by her aunt, uncle and grandparents, but is saving it for when she might really need it.

Your character's

Susan keeps in touch with people from school, especially Hannah and her fellow Hufflepuffs.

Susan's parents are slightly embarrassed by their daughter, but they still have the occasional awkward dinner. Her uncle Edgar and Aunt Amelia were of course killed by Death Eaters, a fact which still haunts her when she strays on occasion into the all-too-public eye.

Affiliation/romantic interests:
Susan is straight, unless my prediction comes true and we actually do run out of straight boys :P

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